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"Designing Personal Games that Matter"

Schedule Listing

Panel talk at PAX Prime 2013. I was invited by Josh Larson and Ryan Green (That Dragon, Cancer), and Matt Gilgenbach (Neverending Nightmares) to be on a panel Q&A about making personal games. We all talked about the weird and sometimes beautiful things that can happen when you make a game based on stuff in your life.

Competitive Analysis
Contract work for E-Line Media for what became Never Alone in 2012. Provided pre-production design support by doing research, competitive analysis, and making recommendations, culminating in a final comprehensive document with supporting images and video.

Low-Poly Revolver

Stylized Colt Single Action Army made in 2012 using 3DS Max. Low-poly aesthetic, left untextured.

Film Title Cards

Comissioned title cards for BVW Festival 2011, a student work showcase for the Entertainment Technology Center. These were intros for student films shown during the Festival, made in the style of a midnight movie theater.


Short film made for CMU's Student Film Festival in 2012. Your life may be forever changed by this groundbreaking work in student film.


Download (Win)
Made while a TA for 53-608 Visual Story (an intro film making class) in 2011. One of the student's assignments was to make a film with a certain color, theme, and object. The DECIDE-O-TRON was comissioned by my prof to automate the random selection for student teams, and he gave me free rein on how to implement it. WARNING: MAY CAUSE EPILEPTIC SEIZURES.

A small installation made for the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh's MakeShop in 2011. Programmed in Processing using Twitter4J, it displayed scrolling tweets with the @MakeShopPGH mention on a widescreen TV inside the space.

Cosmic Contact

Promo Video
A semester-long student project in 2011 to program a custom touch-interface framework and create movies for huge 6 TV screen physical installation called the Bridge, located inside my grad school. I was co-programming for the touch framework (basically a more stable and lean Community Core Vision) as well as creating programming demos to aid in developing applications for the installation.

Hardest Button to Button

A music video that my mother will hopefully never, ever see. Made in 2010.


Using Wiimotes, infrared point tracking, microphone input detection, and computer controlled stage lighting, me and a team of fellow students created an audience-involving crazy-as-balls interactive Japanese big robot experience. Made in 2010.


An interactive experience made in 2010 that was based on guiding a projected character around using sheet magnets that had infrared LEDs on them. Not the best it could've been, but it was certainly magic when a player could lay down a sheet magnet with a to-scale ladder, and the onscreen character climbed it.

Shoot First

Wrote, directed and edited a little promotional video done for our student film team in 2010. A grindhouse-movie introduction to a set of oddball chracters.

Battlecake Camera

I've been the "videographer" for the band Battlecake for several years, recording almost all of their shows. Battlecake is a video game music cover band, which has played at various venues in Pittsburgh, MAGFest, and most recently, PAX East.